And the designer is:

Tall, blonde and with an impeccable taste and appreciation for the finer things in life, Rocks on a Rope jewelry designer Claudia Lynsvelt is certainly no stranger inside the international jewelry and accessories industry. After already successfully launching her first venture in the world of accessories, the Dutch designer took a break, some time to gain more inspiration as she traveled the world. She knew that her profound passion for innovating, edgy and timeless designs had to be the cornerstone if she would ever consider creating another collection again.

Claudia Lynsvelt started her career as a stylist, after her graduation with a degree of fashion , she started to work as a freelance stylist for numerous national and international magazines. A rising star with a picture perfect stylistic view, but she longed for more and more meant pursuing her dream, designing. And so her journey begins in 2003 with her first designed accessory brand called 4BONFIM. 

Claudia's spiritual inspired accessory brand quickly caught the eyes of consumers and press. Even though by this time she and her family resided in Brazil, the international success of the positively charged pieces was a force within the accessory industry to be reckoned with.

In 2007 Claudia and her family return to The Netherlands and even though 4BONFIM is still massively growing and selling like there is no tomorrow, Lynsvelt creatively feels the urge to go back to Brazil and deepen the connection of her designing talent. Little did she know, this particular short trip would be the beginning of Rocks on A Rope.

Rocks on a Rope 

Rare natural beauty is translated, each piece stands for the feminine power within. Timeless, forceful and tranquility are handmade on a rope softening the unbreakable strong.

Every single jewelry piece is custom- and handmade by Claudia Lynsvelt inside her own atelier just outside of Amsterdam. Close to the international diamond trade, each piece used by Rocks on a Rope is overseen from origin, quality and fair trade standards.

With Rocks on a Rope, Claudia Lynsvelt introduces an unique certified diamond jewelry collection which stands for pure, honesty and raw beauty showing on the outside from the within. 

Diamonds that a woman like you deserve.

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