The Story

Her undeniable vision of natural beauty made me stop in the middle of the busy street as she passed me by. A timeless face with striking features, and even her physique surpassed all I had seen on the Brazilian concrete.

The unknown exotic mystical femme fatale stayed on my mind for days, subconsciously becoming my muse. A woman of the world at ease in her own created cosmopolitan world, a kindred spirit with a heart of gold and heartwarming smile. Mesmerized by her uniqueness, accessibility and with the confidence she carried herself, I started drawing envisioning 'her' and every single stage of her life.


Rocks on a Rope

Extraordinary pieces revealing and complementing a women's beauty from within. The exceptional rawness of a rope emphasized by the most exquisite rock, phenomenal finds also known as fancy colored diamonds. Two precious materials intertwined as one.

Rocks on a Rope is an exclusive and custom-made jewelry collection especially created for women. With each certified fancy colored diamond handpicked and uniquely un-set - as the rocks are laced via a special designed technique - , the extensive collection is one like never seen before.

"As a jewelry designer I want my pieces to caress the feminine skin. Accentuate and celebrate the natural instead of creating a statement in sole aim to hide any flaws." - Claudia Lynsvelt


If it’s a diamond, it should be a Rock

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